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New Project
Step 1: Enter project details
Project Title
REQUIRED: Enter the full name of your project here. This will show up on project listings.
Running Title
REQUIRED: Create a simple abbreviation of your project name, using 24 characters or less. Spaces are allowed.
This will be commonly used in menus and UI elements.
Project ID
REQUIRED: Create a one word project identifier. This is used in the database and cannot be changed.
Project Description
Optional: Provide a description of your project. This is for reference only and is not searchable.
Optional: Enter searchable keywords. Each word, separated by a space, can be used independently as a search string.
Optional: Enter alternate aliases (for example: charge codes) that this project can be identified by.
Optional: List investigators associated with this project. This is for reference only and does not provide access to this project for the listed investigators.

Step 2: Define Project Accessibility
Select the accessibility of your project.